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Here, genderqueer, getting used to it.

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Location:Ohio, United States of America
I have trust issues, largely because others have taken it upon themselves to use personal information to abuse that trust in the past. If I don't add you, it's not personal. I want to know someone for a while first.

I am genderqueer/genderfluid and use gendered pronouns interchangeably, though I vastly prefer and am infinitely more comfortable with male presentation and address. I'm invested in social justice but don't see the point in cyberbullying others. That's time wasted on actually practicing it. I am also into BDSM and related kinks, and there's likely to be a decent amount of all three aforementioned topics in my journal, so if these concepts bother you, don't bother with me, no harm no foul.

Also, ponies make everything 20% cooler.
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